“I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I was always feeling ashamed of my body and could never seem to lose weight. I started working with Heather and she changed my whole approach to eating. I lost around 20 pounds and have learned to love my body again. I love Heathers non-diet approach. I have learned how to eat healthy and live a healthy life all thanks to Heather.”

“Like many people, I’ve worked with a number of different trainers over the years and I’ve generally been fairly disappointed. Based on those experiences, I was reluctant when Heather approached me about training with her. Fortunately for me, her good questions, articulate discussion, low key self-assured attitude, and health-conscious perspective convinced me otherwise. Heather is by far the best trainer I’ve worked with, both from a technical training perspective, and also in terms of the ease of working with her; she has mastered the art that most trainers (I imagine) aspire to – but few attain. Heather is great at working with and around previous injuries, and she is exceptional at listening to, an hearing, your training goals and working with you to attain them. I hope to be working with her for a long time.”