Cream Cheese Toast

I have always been a huge fan of Philadelphia cream cheese. Growing up outside of Philadelphia bagels with cream cheese were always one of my favorites! Of course I still enjoy a bagel with cream cheese every now and then. However, now I prefer to utilize cream cheese as a toast topping with veggies on top! This makes for a perfect snack or breakfast addition.

The combinations you can make are endless but below are my favorite two!


1) 2 slices Ezekiel sprouted grain bread

2) 2 tbsp Philadelphia cream cheese

3) 6 cherry tomatoes halved

4) 1 tbsp chopped onions

5) 4 slices of cucumber

6) Sprinkle salt & pepper

7) Sprinkle of dill


1) Toast two slices of Ezekiel bread

2) Spread cream cheese evenly on slices of bread

3) On first slice top with tomato, onion, salt and pepper

4) On second slice top with cucumber and sprinkle of dill