Chicken Cheese Steak

A healthy version of this delicious comfort food! Less grease, more natural, less sodium but still tastes amazing!!


1) 1 pack raw chicken tenders (1.5-2lb)

2) 1 red bell pepper

3) 1 yellow bell pepper

4) 1 yellow onion

5) 2 tbsp olive oil

6) 1 tbsp worshire sauce

7) Sprinkle of salt & pepper

8) 1 tbsp Italian seasoning

9) 5 slices provolone cheese

10) Whole wheat or gluten free rolls


1) Heat olive oil over medium heat in skillet

2) After cutting red peppers and onions in thin slices add in skillet

3) Sprinkle with salt & pepper

4) Let cook for about 3 minutes, stirring regularly

5) Cut chicken into small slices and add in skillet

6) Let chicken cook until inside is no longer pink

7) Add in iltaian seasoning and worshire sauce

8) Turn heat on low and using a spatula chop up cooked chicken into smaller pieces

9) Add slices of cheese on top and let melt

10) Serve on fresh rolls

*Makes about 4-5 sandwiches